Creative Collective: Word of 2014

Word of 2014

In my ongoing attempt to improve my outlook on life, I was happy to discover Melyssa’s “Creative Collective” initiative for 2014. What is a Creative Collective? Well, Mel has come up with a list of 23 prompts to inspire creativity among blogosphere inhabitants. These range from creating playlists to taking online classes; none of the tasks are hugely time consuming, and every two weeks we can link up with our latest project! You can read about the “Creative Collective” in more detail here. I think it sounds like great fun, and also a way to keep myself accountable for trying some new things and meeting some new people!

The first prompt for 2014 was to think of a word to focus on in more detail this year. After some thought, I realised that my word would be a relatively simple one; “HAPPY”.

The past few years have been pretty tough. I feel like a blog isn’t a place to be down in the dumps (in part because I don’t want to drag anyone down with me!), but to really be ME here, I suppose there are some things that need sharing. For starters, I’ve been diagnosed with chronic Depression, Anxiety, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and possible Chronic Fatigue. Unfortunately, the combination of these has led to the loss of many of my friends, an eating disorder – which I now have under control – and a general lack of a life. PCOS and an ever-changing rotation of strong meds has caused weight gain that I have no control over, I wake up every day exhausted, and I have no energy to do the things I love, let alone the things that I don’t love so much, but that are necessary (ie. working, and  the gym).

2013 was basically a write off. I lived off the last of my savings, achieved very little, and just about managed to stabilise my meds. So, looking ahead to 2014, I’m hoping to get a steady part-time job, keep up my charity work, make something of my little side business, get somewhat of a following on my blog… and hopefully save up enough to travel a little at the end of the year. Big dreams! Definitely a big step up from the nothingness that was last year.

So, why ‘happy’? I could’ve chosen ‘persevere’ or ‘positive’ or something, but really, being happy is what it is all about. I want a happy life. I want to live to work, not work to live. I want to banish the negativity that so easily swallows me up, and happiness is a good way to do that.

I’m not going to wake up tomorrow and suddenly be happy. But if i’m feeling gloomy, I’m hoping that remembering my word of the year will encourage me to think happy thoughts. Maybe, along the way, that will become a lasting habit and I’ll see the year out in an overall better place.

To end this somewhat heavy post, I present you with my cheerily drawn word of the year. Forgive the lack of a craftier presentation, but it’s hot as hell in Adelaide this week (46 degrees Celsius – that’s about 115 degrees Fahrenheit to you foreigners!) and my craft/bedroom upstairs is far too hot to work in. So, I was limited to some coloured pens! And my word is now proudly stuck in the front of my blog planner, perfect to keep it front of mind.


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  • Jessica Angeles

    Hi Annabel! Your word is perfect-and so are you! I’m sorry about the hardships you have faced. I myself am going/have been going through quite a bit (I talk about it on my blog if you’d like to check it out!). My group of close friends shrunk from too many people to hang out with, to not finding enough people to hang out with. 2011-2012 was a huge slump for me, and it wasn’t till last year that I decided to turn things around for myself. You’re right-you’re not going to just jump into being happy, it takes a lot of work and I’m still working on that now. Don’t give up! Blogging has been a great experience for me and I hope it’s the same for you! I look forward to following along in your journey towards happiness!

    • Annabel Krantz

      Aw, thanks! I’m sorry to hear you’ve been struggling too; I’m definitely going to come see your blog. It sounds like we’ve probably got lots in common! I’m really glad to hear that things are turning around for you!

  • Erika

    What a wonderful word! It sounds like you went through a lot in 2013, but way to stay positive! And also, I can totally get not wanting to drag anyone down with your struggles, but it can also help to be supported sometimes and also draw other people to you who are going through the same thing — just because something is serious and tough doesn’t automatically mean it’s negative. Thanks so much for opening up and sharing about this! I wish you the best with keeping HAPPY at the forefront for 2014! 🙂

    • Annabel Krantz

      Thanks for your kind words! I hope 2014 is a great year for you 🙂

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