A Winter’s Tale – Trisha Ashley

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This wintery novel (available online here) is an excellent example of the best kind of chick lit. All the required elements are there; a heroine undergoing a transformation (be it in life, appearance, location…), an ounce of mystery, an unlikely love interest, some crazy family members, and a plot that offers something unique and different to the thousands of other chick lit novels out there. Trisha Ashley’s tale of Sophy Winter and her sudden inheritance of a stately home in the English countryside is a fantastic read, especially if you’re looking to ease your way into the world of chick lit!

Trisha Ashley - A Winter's TaleI really loved this book. Set in the English countryside, Sophy unexpectedly inherits the family home she left so long ago. Amongst mystery, the debts and the dusty rooms of Winter’s End, Sophy rediscovers her passions and embarks on a large-scale restoration of the manor house so it can re-open to the public. Along the way, she faces her demons, reacquaints herself with the family ghost, and finds love.

This may sound like a fairly typical chick-lit novel. Perhaps it’s my love of novels where they make over something dreary that had swayed me, or maybe my preference for English chick lit authors over American ones (trust me, there IS a difference!), that influenced my opinion of the book. Either way, it was a very enjoyable read. The characters were unique, and quirky, and the plot wasn’t trite. In fact, the comparably longer length of this chick-lit novel managed to fit in more than many others do, without making it a heavy or over-long read.

“A Winter’s Tale” is a must-read for people looking for something a little different within the chick-lit genre, and a love of swoon-worthy gardeners. Check it out!

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