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Weekly Wishes - Memories

This week’s theme for ‘Weekly Wishes’ is MEMORIES. I took this shot in Ouarzazate, Morocco. Morocco was the most varied, exotic location that I’ve travelled to. We saw oasis, snow covered mountains, busy cities, deserts, and beach towns. This shot is taken from the medina (old town), looking through and at the wall that surrounds it. That vacation was amazing, and at the moment I’m dying to get back there, so the memories are flooding back!


For the first time, I’m joining the ‘Weekly Wishes’ Link Up with the lovely Melyssa from the Nectar Collective. I love having something to work towards, and I’m hoping coming up with some goals at the beginning of the week will help keep me accountable. Given that I had planned to post my weekly wishes on Monday, and it is now Wednesday, I suppose it’s rather obvious that I’m not having the most productive week… that said, better late than never!!

1. Knock my first book review for Chick Lit Plus out of the park

I’ve got my review scheduled for tomorrow. I loved the book, so don’t have to worry about finding things to say. I’m just hoping I do it justice! I tend to doubt my abilities, but am trying to ignore my nerves and barrel on through!

2. Get on track with my blogging schedule!

Over the last few weeks, I’ve managed to actually write a blog schedule. I’ve included all the Link-Ups that I want to be a part of, book reviews I have planned, travel and DIY articles I have been thinking of… Now the hard part is to stick to it! I’m not quite on top of it this week, but hopefully by next week I’ll be in the swing of things.

3. Apply for at least 3 jobs

I’m on the hunt for a part time job. I’ve had a tough year and haven’t been in paid employment, but next year I’m hoping to find a job that I can do a few days a week for some moolah, and still work one day a week for the charity I’m involved with, and work on my writing… A few jobs have come up that could be great, so now I have to just make myself apply for them, even if I’m nervous!

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Weekly Wishes

  • http://janicemacleod.com/ Janice MacLeod

    Oh my stars. You have a blogging schedule! Three cheers for you! Impressive stuff. I should get on that. So much to say, so much of the internet to get distracted by.

    • http://annabelandalice.com/ Annabel Krantz

      It was an attempt to be more organised! But it hasn’t quite worked yet… I agree, there’s just so much to see on the internet!!