Weekly Wishes

Weekly Wishes

Weekly Wishes is a link-up run by Melyssa from the Nectar Collective (one of my blogging idols, FYI). We bloggers have lots of ideas and usually about a dozen balls in the air at any one time. Sometimes, we need to set out our goals in writing – and it never hurts to have some fellow bloggers to watch your back and keep you motivated! That’s what the Weekly Wishes link-up is all about!

August was a pretty hectic month for me, and the blog had to go on the back burner – but hopefully September is a fresh start!

I’m all moved in to my new house, and I’ve more or less unpacked. Tomorrow I’ve got my first day as assistant manager at the cafe I work at (a reluctant promotion, as the manager has gone away for a few months), which means 5am starts and grumpy help, as we’ll be a man down in an already busy cafe! Plus, I’ve got a few million jobs to do around the new place, like fixing the hot water so that I can actually wash my hair before it runs out!

That said, after a month of balancing work, bills, tradies, and a pinched nerve in my neck that means I can’t turn my head to the left (incredibly painful, but somewhat hilarious, as I have to turn in a full circle to the right to see things behind me on the left…), I’m slowly getting a handle on things, and can hopefully return to more regularly scheduled programming – or blogging, as the case may be.

My goals for September aren’t too lofty;

1. Set up my September editorial calendar and STICK to it!

That’s it.

While working out my new finances, working long hours at work, keeping on top of my book reviews and trying to see my partner at least occasionally… well, sticking to an editorial calendar is going to be challenge enough!

I hope you’re all enjoying the first day of spring! I’m off to go to bed, before my 5am wake up!

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  • http://KooriStyle.com/ Cori

    Hi Annabel:
    I have the same goal as you for this month 😛
    Wish you the best of lucks as an assistant manager!
    Have a nice day ♥.

  • Jennifer

    We share a goal this month too! I’m also hoping I will be able to stick to it…writing it is fun but the discipline to keep up on it is the important part. Good luck, hopefully next month you’ll be writing about how well you kept to that calendar 🙂


  • Mandy

    Hey Annabel! So sorry to hear about your pinched nerve, but I love how optimistic you are about everything! Good luck with this month’s goal; you can do it! 🙂 xo