REVIEW: “The Seduction of Miriam Cross” WA Tyson

The Seduction of Miriam Cross Book Cover The Seduction of Miriam Cross
WA Tyson

Can Delilah Percy Powers figure out who killed Miriam Cross before she becomes the killer's next target? 

Miriam Cross, author, feminist and philanthropist, disappears from her Philadelphia home. A year later, a lonely recluse named Emily Cray is brutally murdered in her bed in a small Pennsylvania town. Miriam and Emily are one and the same. As Delilah and her staff of female detectives - a militant homemaker, an ex-headmistress and a former stripper - delve into Miriam’s life, they become submerged in an underworld of unfathomable cruelty and greed with implications that go far beyond the gruesome death of one woman or the boundaries of one country. Eventually Miriam’s fight for justice becomes Delilah’s own...until Delilah’s obsession with finding the truth may prove just as deadly.

I received a copy of The Seduction of Miriam Cross by WA Tyson in exchange for my honest opinion.

I really enjoyed sinking my teeth into this mystery; Delilah Percy-Powers and her band of misfit lady detectives were more than just your average chick lit crime solving team. As the mystery unravelled, the seriousness of the underlying issues gave the book more depth than many other chick lit mysteries. Furthermore, the complex mystery kept me guessing until the very end, when all of the interwoven strands finally became clear.

While the book had some strange formatting, a few typos and no page numbers, they were easily overlooked (no easy feat with a grammar nazi like me doing the reading) in the face of the gripping mystery. The cover hadn’t revealed much about the style of the story, so I was pleasantly surprised to read a book that focused on the mystery, with the  personal lives of the characters adding layers to the story but playing a clear second fiddle to the main plot.

I really appreciated that Tyson wove such serious current issues into the story in such a way that the reader was quietly educated as the mystery unfolded. Somewhat longer than an average chick lit novel, I was pleased to really sink my teeth into a detailed plot. Tyson kept the story moving forward at a good pace, and at no point did I feel like it was dragging – the extra pages were more than worth it.

I don’t want to give away anything about the plot, as you should analyse the clues for yourself as you progress through the book. However, I will say that for anyone looking for a slightly darker, more complex female-driven mystery, the first novel in the Delilah Percy-Powers mystery series could be perfect. If you want to check it out, you can find it here or here. I’ll be keeping my eye out for the next instalment!

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