Starting a Blog

why am i here?
Hello Blogosphere!

Seeing as I am just starting out here at Annabel & Alice, and we’re just getting to know each other, I wanted to tell you a little more about why I blog. No, it’s not just a narcissistic desire to have people know what’s going on in my life, I promise!

I first started blogging in 2006, and blogged regularly for about four years over at My Life in the Hovel – and I loved it. It was a great outlet for my thoughts and feelings, and I wasn’t too bothered by whether or not people read it. However, all of a sudden a bunch of people from my ‘real life’ discovered my blog, and they all wanted to put their two cents in about what I was writing, and whether they liked it or not. Everything got a little too much, and the fun left it.

Since then, I’ve really missed the blog world! Now, after finishing university, developing a love of creating things, and re-discovering my passion for writing, I think the time is right to make a comeback. Because I’m a ‘grown-up’ now, I wanted my blog to be a little more professional, so I bought my own domain and have spent the last several weeks dealing with the back end of my blog (doing all the things that make it look like it does!), and have been somewhat drowned by google hints, plugins, and code. Finally, I’m starting to make some progress. Things might not be perfect yet, but I’m getting there!

I have no desire to spend the rest of my life sitting behind a desk and staring at corporate documents. I want to do something more meaningful and passion-filled (though I don’t know exactly what that is at the moment). Hopefully, I can share some things with you that pique your interest. In a dream world, I’d even manage to have my blog take off, and be a popular little corner of the internet. Pipedream.

I’ve got some book reviews on their way, and will also be sharing a little more about myself, while I get into the swing of taking photos and creating tutorials and all sorts of other bloggy things. So, bear with me! I already appreciate it.

Blog Sign-off