I am brand new to the blog sponsorship game, but I’m thrilled that you’re thinking of coming to hang out on my sidebar!

By offering sponsorship space, I’m hoping that I can help introduce other enthusiastic bloggers share what they have to say with some new faces, and maybe make some new blog friends.

As for me? Well, I’ll become your instant blog bestie, of course! I love e-meeting new people, and will share you and your blog with my social media networks as best I can. I may be a small fish right now, but I’m planning on working my way up the blogging food chain! I’d love for you to be there with me.

For now, I’m offering free blog swap spaces (“The Mushroom” 125×125) or a larger space (“The Caterpillar” 300×125). Keep your eyes peeled for larger ad spaces and the chance to guest post! I use PassionFruit for my ads so just see below for getting started! If you’d prefer to use Paypal, feel free to e-mail me at hello@annabelandalice.com with the subject “SPONSOR”.

Oh – and as a little added incentive? I’ll be donating 5% of the profits from my online revenue streams to various charities (I support quite a few), and also paying to offset the carbon footprint that my blog leaves! If I can help save the world a little bit at a time, I’ll do what I can. And you’ll be helping me! Superhero!

If you can’t see an option that suits you but would like to work together, please don’t hesitate to contact me! I also do book and product reviews. Email me at hello@annabelandalice.com to get started!

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