REVIEW: “Won’t Last Long” by Heidi Joy Tretheway

Won't Last Long Book Cover Won't Last Long
Heidi Joy Tretheway
Chick Lit

Can two people who are totally wrong for each other ever be right? She's a feisty, sly marketing exec intent on hiding her small-town roots. He’s a laid-back engineer with a shaggy mutt and a pushy ex.
When Joshua asks Melina out, she asks what kind of car he drives. She’ll do drinks, not dinner. She’s always in control. But with Joshua’s easy confidence and sharp wit, Melina is soon breaking the dating rules she made for herself.
Opposites attract—but friends think Melina and Joshua can’t possibly last. When crisis throws their world off its axis, Melina must confront her childhood family, the people she’s come to care about, and the destruction of her pristine image.

I received a copy of this book from Chick Lit Plus in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 

I loved this book! I read quite a lot of chick lit, and can get sick of the oft repeated plot lines that make many of them very similar. Refreshingly, I found that “Won’t Last Long” stepped outside of the mould. Written from the perspectives of both the male and female main characters, the book did centre around their budding relationship and the baggage that they brought with them. However, the progression of their relationship was believable from the outset; there was no love-at-first-sight, or cliched one liners.

I found myself relating to the characters quite strongly; the idea of having an ‘ideal’ relationship in mind and trying to reconcile that with real life was one I’ve also struggled with, as well as the idea of maintaining a certain image for the sake of my career. So, personally, I could really empathise with the characters. That said, I suspect that many people would be able to identify with one character or another!

I did find that the second half of the book galloped along at a very rapid pace, compared to the first half, and some plot lines were wrapped up a little simply, but I didn’t especially mind, as I liked the ending! I thought it was a little strange that the ‘big secret’ that Melina was hiding didn’t create much drama, given the foreshadowing in the book, but overall that didn’t detract from the novel too much.

Always the benchmark of a good read, I read most of the book in one setting, because I was so intrigued by the plot. It had all the marks of great chick lit (romance, a DIY project, an adorable dog, and plenty of drama), without the same-old feeling. On the whole, I’d definitely recommend putting it on your summer ‘Must Read’ list!

If this book catches your fancy, you can purchase the book from Amazon here.

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