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Bangkok Transit Book Cover Bangkok Transit
Eva Fejos
Travel Fiction

Bangkok: a sizzling, all-embracing, exotic city where the past and the present intertwine. It’s a place where anything can happen… and anything really does happen. The paths of seven people cross in this metropolis. Seven seekers, for whom this city might be a final destination. Or perhaps it is only the start of a new journey?

A successful businessman; a celebrated supermodel; a man who is forever the outsider; a young mother who suddenly loses everything; a talented surgeon, who could not give the woman he loved all that she desired; a brothel’s madam; and a charming young woman adopted at birth. Why these seven? Why did they come to Bangkok now, at the same time? Do chance encounters truly exist?

I received a copy of this e-book in exchange for a review and my honest opinion. 

Bangkok Transit by Hungarian blonde bombshell Eva Fejos is the Love Actually of travel fiction. Seven strangers find themselves in Bangkok, searching for something they’re missing; family, happiness, freedom… Fate intervenes, and the paths of these strangers cross amid the humidity and crowds of Bangkok.

I found this book fascinating. It took awhile to get into the swing of the story, as the narrative jumps rapidly between the perspectives of different characters, and they aren’t always identified by name. However, once you have a grasp of the different storylines, everything became much more comprehensible and I was drawn in.

Each character’s story had a missing element, which wasn’t revealed into late in the book, and cleverly kept me hooked. Admittedly, I picked the threads connecting the characters earlier than perhaps the author intended, but this didn’t lessen my enjoyment of the book. Despite each story being based on sadness and emotion, Fejos didn’t write a miserable book; she managed to write an uplifting novel of discovery instead.

Fejos truly shines in her illustrative depiction of Bangkok culture. What could have been a shallow and predictable story full of ladyboys and prostitutes instead respectfully identified the deeper issues of poverty and gender identity that lie beneath the bright light of the big city. The culture is seamlessly woven into the story, enhancing the journeys that each character was undertaking.

My one gripe would be that each storyline came to a head and ended very abruptly. After unravelling each narrative so slowly and precisely, the sudden resolution of each was a little off-putting, and I would have liked just a smidge more information.

That said, the sudden ending was not enough to spoil the book, and I was left feeling quite tranquil, as if I myself had undertaken a journey of discovery alongside the other characters. I would definitely recommend reading this book, and will be tracking down some of the other books written by Fejos to see if they live up to the high standard set by her first novel.

This book is a perfect 3.5 stars. If you’d like to ignite your interest in the enigma that is Bangkok, you can get a copy from Amazon here. I’d love to hear what you thought!
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