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I have hundreds of books lining the walls of my room – as well as numerous piles that are overflowing onto the floor. There is something about print, and the smell of new books, not to mention their portability… Mmmmmm, I love books.

I’ll have to admit, I don’t know everything about myself yet. I’m not quite sure where my place in the world is… but I definitely know that the world that I feel most comfortable in is totally unreal. Literally. As in, the fantasy world of fiction novels, the fairytale world of commercial television where everything ends happily, a person blogging about their own life, or even the real world expressed in a biography belonging to someone else.

In a world created by someone else, you know that there will be no difficult decisions to be made (other than deciding whether or not to continue reading), there will usually be some kind of happy or uplifting ending and you receive a complete escape from reality.

Why do I need to blog about these alternate realities? Well, I’m sure that, somewhere, there are other people who prefer a fictional world to their reality. Hopefully, there will be something here for everyone; a guide of sorts to an alternate reality to escape to. While every stop of my map may not be for you, hopefully one or two destinations will prove worthwhile (or not, depending on the review).

Welcome to the Annabel & Alice Book Club! Happy reading!Blog Sign-off

Welcome to Annabel & Alice

Welcome to Annabel & Alice!

I’m Annabel. You can find out more about me (and Alice) HERE – but right now I’m going to tell you more about what you are likely to find on “Annabel & Alice”.

When I started this blog, the internet instructed me to find a ‘niche’ to blog in. I thought about that for awhile, but I couldn’t decide on just one! Then I thought – stuff that! I’m passionate about more than one thing, and I’m sure I can’t be the only one. So, Annabel & Alice will have a little bit more variety, just like life. Travel, book reviews, DIY inspiration, and cupcakery – not to mention some strong opinions on what’s happening in the world, from time to time.

I’m an avid traveller, who dreams – literally, on a regular basis – of uncovering new and exciting places. I’m lucky to have traveled widely since I left school, and am keen to share some tips and tricks on getting the most out of  a trip, be it an hour away or on the other side of the world. With so much to see, I’m not sure I’ll ever manage to cure myself of my travel bug! But I’m damned well going to try.

An equal passion, though thankfully a much less expensive one, is reading (I’m a nerd, I know). My bedroom looks less like a place to sleep, and more like a wing of the local library – which isn’t something I really have a problem with! If it looks like a book and smells like a book *mmm, new book smell*, I’ll read it. I’ll keep you posted on what is sitting on my bedside table, hopefully managing to inspire you to pick up a book and be a part of my little virtual book club.

Recently, I’ve discovered the art of DIY, and become a little bit crafty. Be it decoupaging a plate with old stamps, or sewing felt owls to make a mobile, I’ve amassed a large stash of crafty goodness to experiment with. I love turning something old or something about to be thrown away into something exiting and new! I’ve even got my own little Etsy store (more on that later) where I’ll soon be selling a few of my creations.

My obsession with markets, where I eagerly look for what nifty things other crafters have come up with, led to an equally obsessive love of cupcake stalls. Always the go-to baker for any bake sale, I’ve started fancy-ing up my cupcakes, and even had my own cupcake stall at a market recently. I love experimenting with flavours and decorating; the foodie in me is pretty excited to share some yummy recipes with you. First up will be my latest favourite: margarita cupcakes!

Finally, I doubt my opinions on the goings on of the world will escape my blogging. Opinions are the food of the internet, and my mother taught me to always contribute something to the party. I’m nothing if not polite!

So, check back in with me soon, as I find my feet on my new blog.

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