New York Valentine – Carmen Reid (Annie Valentine #5)

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Annie Valentine, over the course of four books, carved out a place for herself in the fashion world. She moves from personal shopper, to television fashion personality, all the while balancing her two teenage children, a new hubby, and the unexpected arrival of twins. In her fifth adventure, Annie’s TV Show is unexpectedly cancelled, and she takes the opportunity to visit New York and help a friend with her fashion line, as it faces bankruptcy. Against the backdrop of New York, Annie struggles to pull the business out of the dumps, enjoying the challenge and location, but missing her family. Pleasingly, her daughter, Lana, plays a greater role in this novel, and even is caught wearing colour for once!

Carmen Reid - New York ValentineSurprisingly, the fifth Annie Valentine book regains some of the vigor of the first book in the series. The middle few books tended to over-focus on Annie’s obsession with material possessions, at the expense of her family. At times, this was so frustrating that it overshadowed the book’s good qualities, and became unpleasantly repetitive. This latest installment in the series returned to the roots of Annie V. It was about fashion, and dramas related to fashion, first and foremost. Now, I’m not saying that a shallow, fashion-only novel is all I can read. But the fashion is the crux of these books. Annie’s family and personal relationships were still a big part of the story, but in a supporting role that added to the overall plot line, rather than detract from it. Thankfully, sticking to the basics means that this book was a cheerful, easy read that kept the reader’s attention. Not to mention that half of the story is set in New York, and everybody loves New York! The fashion capital of the world was the right choice.

I’d definitely recommend this book to any chick-lit lovers out there. Even if you haven’t read the first four books in the series, you’ll easily be able to pick up this book and enjoy stepping into the world of fashion for a few hours. You can get a copy of this book here.

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