Happy Valentine’s Day

Blogantine's Day

I’m not a huge Valentine’s Day celebrant. No big public gestures, no Facebook showing-off, none of that. My boyfriend and I can’t really afford to celebrate… so Valentine’s Day was fairly uneventful for me. That said, I did have one Valentine’s surprise!

I signed up for the Valentine’s Post-a-Parcel (snail mail exchange) with Nia at Life & co. Maybe one of my favourite things since starting a blog has been participating in a few snail mail exchanges! Basically, Nia and I bundled up some lovely Valentine’s goodies for each other, which meant I was delivered an awesome package of loveliness in time for Feb 14th!


Nia’s parcel came prettily wrapped in lace and washi, and inside was filled with lots of individually wrapped goodies. Getting to unwrap everything individually made it much more exciting! Inside were crafty supplies like lace, stickers and an ink pad, a nifty giant peg, some vintage postcards and  love-cards, chocolates, plus some magic in a bottle!


I especially liked the little bottle of magic; you can see it in the picture above, alongside one of the beautiful vintage postcards that has a someone’s actual words to their loved one inscribed on the back.

I sent Nia some bracelets I’d made, notebooks, choccies, lipgloss and pens, all washi-ed up in a pretty box. I hope she liked it, and that it arrived on time!

So, while my boyfriend and I may have forgone Valentine’s Day, I celebrated it with my blog! Which, considering the gorgeous goodies I received, was a pretty good trade off! I’m already excited for my next parcel exchange.

My blog probably suffered in this Valentine’s trade-off; while I scored a bundle of goodies, my blog only got a post telling you all about it. In a perfect, where I have a paying job and stuff, my blog would receive a camera for Valentine’s day – my iphone just doesn’t cut the mustard! But, no such luck for now.

A group of other bloggers have linked up with their own tales of Blogantine celebrations. Check out the link up (by clicking on the picture below) over at ‘Noor’s Place’ and ‘I Have a Messy Bun’ to read all about it.

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  • http://www.noorsplace.com/ Noor Unnahar

    This is a great idea , I love snail mail exchange. Especially when it’s among bloggers , you got some cute goodies 🙂
    Thank you for linking up!

    • http://annabelandalice.com/ Annabel Krantz

      Thanks for holding the link up! Yup, it’s so much fun, definitely raises my spirits!

  • Chelsee

    Looks like you received some great things!

  • http://www.ihaveamessybun.com/ Areeba Siddique

    Snail mail is one of my most fav-o thing to do! Love all the goodies that you got (:

  • Danielle Faith

    I am so jealous of that snail mail exchange. You have no idea. I want one now – BADLY! hahahaha


    Danielle Faith @ DanielleFaith.me

    • http://annabelandalice.com/ Annabel Krantz

      They’re so much fun! When I sign up for the next one I’ll post about it, so you can join in too!

  • http://www.fithippiechick.blogspot.com/ Christine Newhook

    I love snail mail exchanges too 🙂 I remember seeing a couple on here that you have participated in. How do you find them?

    • http://annabelandalice.com/ Annabel Krantz

      I googled :p I loved the Ornament Exchange (my first parcel exchange) so much that I wanted to do more! There was a group on Nectar Collective that ran one every month, which was awesome, but Melyssa got too busy to keep it going and I’ve been looking for another one to replace it!

    • http://annabelandalice.com/ Annabel Krantz

      Nia is doing another parcel exchange! All of the details are here: http://www.lifeandco.net/2014/02/post-parcel-bottling-up-summer.html – Hope you can join in!