Eat, Memory – Amanda Hesser

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Amanda Hesser - Eat, MemoryA clever idea by Amanda Hesser saw writers across America contributing essays about what food means to them; twenty-six authors shared stories about their favourite food memories. There were Jews cooking the passover meal in Berlin, a brother cooking comfort food for his Autistic sister on their birthday, Indian’s trying their best to introduce their families to the delicate French cuisine, an ode to garlic, and one to gravy, and gripes by those who don’t love food about people forcing them to eat desserts.

The great variety of stories lent itself to a very interesting read. These acclaimed writers, with their wide swath of life experiences, were able to paint pictures that made your mouths water. Not to mention the stories are accompanied by the relevant recipes, so that we can cook similar delicious morsels at home.

Rather than just be a book of people describing a meal that they’ve eaten, this book cleverly is more about the strong emotions that can be attached to something as simple as a meal. That feeling is something everyone can relate to, and reading the anecdotes triggers memories of the reader’s own memorable meals.

This book isn’t very long, and each individual essay only spans a few pages, so it’s a great book for food-lovers with not much time on their hands. Definitely worth a look. You can get a copy here.

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