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On this chilly Saturday night, I’m being the total wild child that I am and partying up a storm. Joke. I’m sitting at home with a killer cold and a bunch of new season TV shows. Feeling rather sorry for myself, and with a head that feels like a balloon because of all the weird things happening in my sinuses. You’re welcome for the visual. 

Being sick gives me the excuse I need (who am I kidding, I don’t need an excuse) to traverse the rabbit holes of the internet and see what awesome tidbits present themselves. Naturally, I want to share my findings with you! 

World Scratch MapScratch Off World Map

Firstly, I have found the most awesome map. I’ve always wanted some kind of a big map that I could put pins in to mark all of the places that I’ve been, and this may be an even better option. During my wanderings, I discovered this awesome map. Grab a coin and scratch over the countries you’ve visited, revealing pretty colours underneath! Pretty, functional, and generally awesome! As soon as I have a home of my own (re: wall space), I’m getting one.

Elephant LoveHelp Save the Elephants

Lovely Belinda over at Found Love, Now What has started a campaign to raise awareness for, and foster, elephants. Did you know that an elephant is killed every 15 minutes for their ivory tusks? Despicable. The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust work from Kenya to rescue and rehabilitate elephants (and rhinos). $50 will foster a baby for a year. Head over to her page and you can donate to this excellent cause! Plus, once fostered, Belinda will share updates of the little darlings you’ve all helped to save!

DIY Chevron Pinboard

Cute DIY Pinboard

I found this super cute pinboard DIY tutorial at What Katy Does, and I’m definitely keen to try it. I’ve got a $2 cork board I picked up at a Salvo’s store, and think this looks do-able to give it a makeover! When I can breathe again, it’s the first project I’ll be trying. I have a whole pinterest board full of ideas to try…  but that’s ok, I’ll get there eventually!

Ok. I think it’s time to hit the hay, because tomorrow my cousin/godson is coming from interstate to visit! I’ve only seen him once since he was born and I’m excited to see him, although I’m worried he’ll be freaked out by all the random relatives and his flying visit won’t yield any baby cuddles… Fingers crossed it goes well! So, sleep for now, toddlers tomorrow, and I’ll blog again soon!

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  • henryhappened

    loving the pinboard! I hope you feel better 🙂

  • Sarah Shumate

    I’ve got to get one of those scratch off world maps! Now that is COOL!

    • Annabel Krantz

      Agreed! Glad it’s not just me that loves maps.