Confessions of a GP – Dr Benjamin Daniels

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Benjamin Daniels - Confessions of a GP

This book wasn’t exactly what I expected. What I had thought would be a fiction-like story encapsulating Dr. Benjamin’s experiences as a doctor in England, turned out to be more like a collection of very short essays, with no connection between them and no logical flow. These essays cover everything from mundane sniffles and imaginary stomach aches, to midnight on-call dramas. Predominantly, however, the stories are of day to day life in General Practice, and the ins and outs of working in the real world of medicine.

That said, most of the individual stories were interesting, if only for a better insight into the life of a GP. I did learn more about the workings of the NHS, and was amused by some of the patient anecdotes. I also appreciated his honesty – Dr. Daniels admitted that he’d made mistakes, and wasn’t shy about discussing his frustrations with the medical world. I was glad to see he was honest, instead of tempering his views for the sake of not upsetting anyone.

It wasn’t a bad read, and while I personally am unlikely to re-read it, I would recommend it to young doctors or medical students, as it gives an idea about what the GP life is like (in the United Kingdom, if you want to be specific, but I suspect that patients are the same everywhere!), and might give you a bit of a laugh! Get it cheaply here.

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