Creative Collective: Planting Dreams… or just Plants

Ladies & Gentlemen, I happily announce that I’m back on the Creative Collective wagon!

Creative Collective

What is the Creative Collective? Well, it’s an initiative started by Mel at the Nectar Collective, to encourage us all to take the time to be a little creative in our daily lives. It’s an initiative that really resonates with me, given my quest for rediscovering the magic in life, and remembering not to quash my imagination.

APRIL 16TH CHALLENGE: Go to a farmers market or large plant store. Buy one plant that inspires you, along with one plain pot. Decorate the pot however you’d like. Make it you. As for the plant, become an expert on how to take care of it. Do as much research on your plant species as you can. Then care for it and watch how your research gives it a full life. Alternatively, you could buy a bag of seeds instead. If you choose this route, I recommend researching your plant before purchasing it, to make sure you are equipped to give it the proper care (i.e. indoor vs. outdoor, light, pot size, etc).

This was the perfect challenge for me! As part of my market business, I often upcycle vintage cups and jugs into planters, or decorate plain terracotta pots and make them more beautiful. At the market I had a stall at this weekend, I almost sold out of them! They’re cheap, and fun to make. Plus, having something living in your room gives off a good vibe!

DIY Planter

I get old teacups, kettles, jugs and things at Op Shops or charity stores. Often they’re just a dollar or two! I buy terracotta pots at Mitre 10 (the local hardware store) – the cute, little ones are usually about $1.75. Usually, vintage vessels don’t need much done to them, except maybe a coat of paint if they’re that ugly shade of brown that was so popular in the seventies! I think terracotta pots look nice in black or white, with gold accents, or unique decoupage like comic strips, old stamps, or cute fabric.

Then, you just need a succulent! You can buy them from hardware and plant stores too, but they’re quite expensive because of the boom in succulent popularity! It’s cheaper to take a cutting from a friend’s plant – or, if you’re as resourceful as my Nan, from the garden beds outside of an Italian food shop she frequents! You don’t need much, a small cutting will grow quickly! Plus, succulents are awesome because practically anyone can keep them alive with minimal attention!

DIY Planter

I don’t have any photos of my painted pots, because I sold them all! Next time I make a batch, I’ll make sure I take some photos to show you. So there you have it! Simple to do, easy to personalise, hard to kill!

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Merry Mail Ornament Exchange

Merry Mail Ornament Exchange Banner

This month, I participated in the Merry Mail Ornament Exchange over at Chasing Happy. What is that, you may ask? Well, I was put into a group with three other lovely ladies, and we handmade ornaments for each other! It was so much fun to bundle up packages for my new blog-friends and send them overseas. It was even more fun to receive parcels in the mail!

Now for some show and tell!

Merry Mail Ornament Exchange - Molly

The lovely Molly from Sundrops and Rainflowers saw that I love books and that Alice in Wonderland is my partner in crime. Do you know what she did? She went out, found an old copy of Wonderland, and decoupaged me this gorgeous bauble! It looks fantastic nestled in our tree, and is so much more special because I know that the book pages were chosen just for me!  I love it.

Merry Mail Ornament Exchange - Christine

Crafty Christine from Fit Hippie Chick discerned my love for Harry Potter somehow (you know I don’t even know how she did it! Maybe she has some wizarding powers of her own!), and created this gorgeous snitch bauble. I love it’s sparkly wings! I’m so excited to have such personalised ornaments on my tree.

Merry Mail Ornament Exchange - Abby

Last but not least, was Miss Abby, from Little City Adventure. She sent me this elegant, bead filled ornament. Isn’t is festive, with it’s Christmas colours and glamourous pearl beads? And doesn’t she take gorgeous photos?! I don’t even know how she does that.

This exchange was so much fun, and a great way to get into the festive spirit. Plus, emailing back and forth with these lovely ladies and getting to know more about them and their blogs was great. I’m already looking forward to next year! 

Oh – and if you want to see what I sent the girls, then head over to their websites and see the photos they’ve taken of them in their trees!

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DIY Chevron Pin Board

DIY Chevron Pin Board

After seeing some awesome pin board inspirations on the web, I decided to give one a try for myself. I’m mildly obsessed with chevrons, albeit behind the times, so chose a white chevron patterned pinboard as my inspiration (I liked this one and this one best!).

I managed to find a cork board for $2 from a local op shop. The only other necessities for this project were masking tape, scissors and white paint. If you want sone extra fanciness, you might want to find some gold pens, thumbtacks and coloured paints, but these are just optional. Overall, this was a cheap and pretty way to vamp up a tired pinboard!

Chevron Pinboard 1


Step One was to tape out the chevron pattern. I made a triangle template and used masking tape to make the pattern (see pics 1 and 2 above). Silly me, I forgot the up-bend in the last triangle on the right hand side, but it isn’t that noticeable in the end! The next step was to pain in the chevrons (pic 3). I used two coats of paint, as the first seemed to sink into the court and went a little splotchy. That was solved with an extra coat though! I also painted the wooden frame, to tie it all together. Then, all that was left was to pull up the masking tape! I also outlined the chevrons with my gold leaf pen, just for a bit of extra interest.

Screen Shot 2013-12-06 at 1.19.32 PM

I painted a whole lot of thumbtacks in bright colours, and took a bunch of magazine clippings that I had in my crafty mess, to decorate my completed board. I love the thumbtacks, they’re so much cuter than plain ones! I wonder if I made them and sold them in cute little packages whether anyone would buy them on Etsy… I’ll file that away as a future idea!

So, what do you think? Will you be upcycling an old pinboard yourself in the near future?

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In My Corner of the Internet

On this chilly Saturday night, I’m being the total wild child that I am and partying up a storm. Joke. I’m sitting at home with a killer cold and a bunch of new season TV shows. Feeling rather sorry for myself, and with a head that feels like a balloon because of all the weird things happening in my sinuses. You’re welcome for the visual. 

Being sick gives me the excuse I need (who am I kidding, I don’t need an excuse) to traverse the rabbit holes of the internet and see what awesome tidbits present themselves. Naturally, I want to share my findings with you! 

World Scratch MapScratch Off World Map

Firstly, I have found the most awesome map. I’ve always wanted some kind of a big map that I could put pins in to mark all of the places that I’ve been, and this may be an even better option. During my wanderings, I discovered this awesome map. Grab a coin and scratch over the countries you’ve visited, revealing pretty colours underneath! Pretty, functional, and generally awesome! As soon as I have a home of my own (re: wall space), I’m getting one.

Elephant LoveHelp Save the Elephants

Lovely Belinda over at Found Love, Now What has started a campaign to raise awareness for, and foster, elephants. Did you know that an elephant is killed every 15 minutes for their ivory tusks? Despicable. The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust work from Kenya to rescue and rehabilitate elephants (and rhinos). $50 will foster a baby for a year. Head over to her page and you can donate to this excellent cause! Plus, once fostered, Belinda will share updates of the little darlings you’ve all helped to save!

DIY Chevron Pinboard

Cute DIY Pinboard

I found this super cute pinboard DIY tutorial at What Katy Does, and I’m definitely keen to try it. I’ve got a $2 cork board I picked up at a Salvo’s store, and think this looks do-able to give it a makeover! When I can breathe again, it’s the first project I’ll be trying. I have a whole pinterest board full of ideas to try…  but that’s ok, I’ll get there eventually!

Ok. I think it’s time to hit the hay, because tomorrow my cousin/godson is coming from interstate to visit! I’ve only seen him once since he was born and I’m excited to see him, although I’m worried he’ll be freaked out by all the random relatives and his flying visit won’t yield any baby cuddles… Fingers crossed it goes well! So, sleep for now, toddlers tomorrow, and I’ll blog again soon!

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