You Belong to Me – Karen Rose

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“You Belong to Me” sounds like a trashy romance novel, but don’t let that put you off. In actuality, it is a crime novel. It revolves around the story of a young girl, who, years ago, was beaten and raped while onlookers did nothing. Now, those onlookers are, one by one, being murdered. Set in Baltimore, a homicide detective and forensic pathologist must follow the trail to find a killer who is taunting them, and always seems to be one step ahead.

Karen Rose - You Belong To MeI picked this book up, and didn’t put it down for four hours. That may not seem like much, but seeing as I started it at midnight, reading through to 4am was impressive. This was a notch above your typical catch-a-killer book. Starting out, the reader immediately garnered a pretty good idea of what the bad guys’ motive was, but over the next few hundred pages, the twists and turns Rose used kept the plot riveting. The different threads of the story combined slowly, without driving the reader insane.

Rose avoided numerous cliches; Lucy the pathologist could have been just a pathologist with a secret, and in many other books, that’s all she would have been. However, in this book, Lucy was also a black-leather-wearing, violin-playing, mysterious pathologist. A random, but interesting, extra layer to her character. Not only were the characters full of background depth but all the extra information was somehow relevant to the plot, making it all that much better.

Rather than weigh the reader down with complicated criminal procedures, or an overly-detailed backstory, Rose managed to keep the pace of the story fast and flowing; you were drawn into the plot and carried along with the characters, discovering as they did, rather than fighting to keep up. I will admit, the romance-sounding title was not entirely off base – somehow, among murders and break-ins, the characters found time for some fairly intense moments. But they were well-written, so didn’t detract from any crime solving!

I’ll admit, towards the end, things started getting a little slow… but the story was so good that I almost didn’t notice. Plus, all the loose ends were tied up neatly, and I love that. Recommended! Buy a copy cheaply (and with free postage!) here.

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