April Literary Junkies

Literary Junkies

Welcome back, fellow literary junkies! I presume, if you are here, that you are a bookworm like me. If so, I hope you enjoy this insight into the corners of my literary mind! You can read more literary opinions by checking out the link up at Life with a Side of Coffee.

1. What are you reading right now? Tell us about it!

I’m currently reading The Alexander Cipher by Will Adams. Here’s the synopsis:

Non stop adventure and death defying chases in Will Adam’s outstanding debut novel. It’s 318 BC in the deserts of Libya, and Alexander the Great is buried as only a God should be, placed in a Crystal Sarcophagus in a catacomb of chambers, each packed with diamonds, rubies and gold. This was how he should have remained, but time waits for no-one. 

It’s 2007 and underwater archaeologist Daniel Knox has been on the trail of Alexander’s Gold ever since he can remember. When a tomb is uncovered on the construction site of a new hotel, Daniel believes he has found the clue to what he has been working towards for years. But the discovery has alerted two of the most dangerous men in the world, and Daniel is now a marked man.

I absolutely love books about uncovering the truth behind Ancient Mysteries. People think it’s a strange choice for a law grad, or a church go-er, but I’m fascinated by the many unknowns of Ancient times and places. Many of these novels are based on legends, half-truths, and the few facts we have about the era, making the stories plausible, if not provable. I love the idea that we could uncover great archeological finds, or discover information about Atlantis… Personally, I think this means that I’m willing to believe in the unknown, but others may think it makes me crazy!

2. Divergent, Hunger Games, or Twilight. Which do you prefer and why?

is on my immediate Must-Read list! But out of Twilight and Hunger Games, I preferred the latter. While I enjoyed reading Twilight, I thought that it was a far more shallow read than Hunger Games, which I felt was far more involving. Plus, the Hunger Games movie franchise is thus far much more impressive than the Twilight series. I’m interested to see how the Divergent trilogy stacks up!

3. TV Series Based on Books they start out very close to the book to draw in the fans but then will start to separate themselves by changing things and adding characters. What are you thoughts on this?
Personally, I think it’s rare that a TV series will do a book series justice. Often, they have to flesh out a series, adding more and more details that aren’t in the original text, until the two are barely recognisable. That said, sometimes the TV series can be good in it’s own right, but less as a ‘based-on-this-book’ basis than just for being decent TV!

4. You’ve just been recruited to help a movie studio bring your favourite book to the big screen. What’s the movie and who are you choosing to play the main characters?
Ohhh this is a toughie. For the most part, I prefer books to movies, so don’t often hope for the books that I read to make it to the silver screen. I suppose I’ve always been interested in seeing Matthew Reilly’s Scarecrow series make it to the big screen – there have been a few ‘almost’ moments, but as of yet Captain Schofield will remain in the pages of his books.
I’ve always had trouble picturing Schofield as a shortish, black-haired dude (a Tom Cruise type). In my mind’s eye I saw more of a tall, light-haired guy. I’ve heard people say that Chris Hemsworth would be the perfect actor to play him!

5. Going back to the above question, do you keep it word for word the same or do you use this chance to change little things you thought would make the book better?

The action-packed 
Scarecrow books would be amazing on the big screen. With more ‘doing’ than ‘saying’ in the books, I suppose that would play well with an on screen action movie. Personally, I think Ice Station was a kick-ass book, and not too much would need to be changed!

6. After you finish a physical copy of a book do you keep it for a reread, put it on a shelf to collect dust, donate it to Goodwill, or do you just not purchase physical copies of books?
I have bookcases full of books. Some read, others not. When I look around my room at my over-packed shelves, I feel comforted, as if surrounded by old friends. I often re-read old books (though at the moment I’m trying to read the unread books on my shelves!), and can’t bare to give many of them away! When I have a house I’m looking forward to having room to display all of my books properly. I’m such a book nerd!
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  • Christine Rosko

    I put my books on bookcases too. I just can’t part with them, even the ones I don’t like. I have so many to still read too. Thanks for linking up!

    • http://annabelandalice.com Annabel Krantz

      Glad that it’s not just me that can’t part with them! My ‘to read’ piles are more like ‘to read’ shelves :p