Annabel & Alice Disclosures

As much as I love writing, social networking, and all things blogging in general, I also have a love of travel and books that requires an income. So, where I can, I use my beloved blog to supplement my income.

At the moment, that income comes from affiliate links with Amazon and Book Depository – When I discuss a book or product I’m talking about, I’ll often link to that product on one of these sites. If you click that link, and/or buy that product, I get a little commission. That said, be not afraid: I use these sites regularly (too regularly, probably) and only recommend products which I have used myself (books I’ll always link, because who am I to tell you what to read!).

I also receive free books (usually e-books) from Chick Lit Plus, in exchange for my honest opinion. I’ll aways remind you of that when I post my reviews of these books.