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I have hundreds of books lining the walls of my room – as well as numerous piles that are overflowing onto the floor. There is something about print, and the smell of new books, not to mention their portability… Mmmmmm, I love books.

I’ll have to admit, I don’t know everything about myself yet. I’m not quite sure where my place in the world is… but I definitely know that the world that I feel most comfortable in is totally unreal. Literally. As in, the fantasy world of fiction novels, the fairytale world of commercial television where everything ends happily, a person blogging about their own life, or even the real world expressed in a biography belonging to someone else.

In a world created by someone else, you know that there will be no difficult decisions to be made (other than deciding whether or not to continue reading), there will usually be some kind of happy or uplifting ending and you receive a complete escape from reality.

Why do I need to blog about these alternate realities? Well, I’m sure that, somewhere, there are other people who prefer a fictional world to their reality. Hopefully, there will be something here for everyone; a guide of sorts to an alternate reality to escape to. While every stop of my map may not be for you, hopefully one or two destinations will prove worthwhile (or not, depending on the review).

Welcome to the Annabel & Alice Book Club! Happy reading!Blog Sign-off